Lawn Care With Pets in Mind

If you’re a resident of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, taking care of your lawn is hard all year around, making sure the grass remains green and lush, ensuring that leaves are raked off the grass, and keeping it watered and fertilized. But there is also another challenged posed by many homeowners for Myrtle Beach landscaping – pets.

Pets are invaluable companions, but they can also prove to be a hazard due to their habits. And if you own a large pet like a dog, then you’ll have a lot to worry about. Myrtle Beach lawn care has certainly seen its fair share of challenges, but it’s a different story when pets are involved.

And so what should you do if your pet digs up parts of the lawn, pulls up plants, or does their business on your well-trimmed grass? While keeping an eye on your pets is the usual course of action, the best option is to simply train your pet. But where should you go for that kind of information?

Sprouse’s Myrtle Beach Lawn Care

Mr. Sprouse and his crew performed that which was asked of them, as per the estimate, and did so with great care and efficiency and in a timely manner, even during this summer heat. The debris was removed and the yard left in a good condition. The wife and I will call on them again when required.   -Sabine P.”

Sprouse’s Landscaping has been helping homeowners in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and nearby areas with their landscaping needs for many years, from providing professional services. And when it comes to pets, Sprouse’s has that covered.

Lawn Care for Pet Owners

Sprouse’s Landscaping has provided information and assistance to many pet owners on how they can have a beautiful home landscape while at the same time teaching their pets to not restrain themselves.

For example, they provide special fertilizers and chemicals whose scent deter pets from coming to any closer, or chemicals that remove urine spots. And if that’s not your thing, then they can also provide you with tools that allow for the creation of paths that pets can take rather than walking through the grass or garden.

A Brighter And Better Looking Home For Our Animals

At Animal Comp, one of the most recent additions to our animal shelter is the landscape. For a long time now we have had to contend with a number of issues including a dull looking environment for our animals. Landscaping Edmonton lands is not entirely easy thanks to the sloppiness in most areas.The fact that we are a public unit means that people visited often. Thanks to we now boast of one of the most state of the art landscapes in animal shelters. One of the most amazing things is that the landscape design is both functional and aesthetic. Some of the issues that we had encountered besides dull looking surroundings were animals breaking out, dampening of some area in the fields and irregular plantation in the compounds. The best landscaping Edmonton has to offer will transform any grounds from a dull sight to a glorious haven. We are pleased with the outlook which includes;

Retaining walls: these have become especially handy due to our sloping land. We often suffered from erosion and slight landslidesthat added to our woes. The retaining walls have firmly held the soil in place allowing for new flora to be set up in the most beautiful retaining wallway. The retaining walls have also at some places become resting points for the staff and animals. The walls resembling stairs have provided such a beautiful touch with awesome finishes. The HML Construction has actually proven to be invaluable when it comes to landscaping Edmonton based compounds. A combination of the retaining walls with stairs and walkways has also added value to the land as grass is now growing uninterrupted. The land is finally neater and much cleaner thanks to soil being kept in its place. We had soil before being washed away to the pavements and grass. It was also discovered that we lost a lot of good soil in the process. The retainer walls have created new flower gardens where the soil has been captured. HML added to the walls a great array of flower making the animal shelter a sight to see.

Pavements and walkways: One of the most common practices at the animal shelter is to walk the animals. The dogs love this especially. The new pavementswalkways made of concrete accentuated in color are simply tantalizing. The finishes on the edges are done with curbs that have held the grass in the lots in place. Animals have a great time in particular scampering up and down. The landscape has made our animal shelter a perfect spot for photography. The driveway has also been done using paving blocks that are long lasting. We no longer have water collecting at pints making the whole area messy for everyone.

The Finishing: The finishing is a beautiful mix of exterior lighting and park benches where we can rest off work hours. The lighting also makes night time look all serene and beautiful. The animal shelter looks more like a home than ever. Close to a 5 star resort. The cables and piping that ran in plain sight have also been covered creating for a neat landscape easy to work with. It is now easy to access any point of the shelter without having to think about the easier route to take thanks to the best landscaping Edmonton has to offer.

The Best Gift Any Animal Lover Could Ask For

Thunder and his cuddlecloneWhat could be cuter than giving a loved one personalized stuffed animals as gifts? These make perfect gifts for people who love animals and collect them for fun. They are great presents for children and even for that special loved one in your life. Imagine the joy on your loved one’s face when they see their beloved pet in plush form!

Personalized stuffed animals can be purchased from, who offer a wide variety of animal and pet-related gifts. You can send in a picture or drawing of the animal or pet of your choice and they will custom-create the plush pet based on your submission. They have many examples of their personalized pets on their website.

These make precious gifts for animal lovers who would love a custom-built replica based on their own pet. This could be roxy kittysomething you give someone as a gift for their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other special day.

Many people have special attachments to their pets and would appreciate your sentiment in giving them personalized stuffed animals that look just like their own precious pet. You can be as creative as you like in your request for a stuffed animal for your loved one. This is a company of animal lovers who would like nothing better than to please you with a gift your loved one will cherish.

You can use personalized stuffed animals to memorialize a pet you have lost or dedicate it to that special pet in your life. The company takes pictures or drawings of your favorite pet and creates a one-of-a-kind creation that looks exactly like the pet or animal you have chosen—complete with personalization of the pet’s name or the name of the owner.

Tig and Custom FigurineBesides being able to craft just about any stuffed animal you can come up with, the company offers other custom made items, such as figurines, collars, and petwear. They specialize in all things pet-related and have a site you can go to time after time for your gift-giving needs.

Say you have a special occasion coming up and want to surprise your animal-loving friend or loved one with a personalized replica of their favorite pet in stuffed animal form. All you need to do is upload a picture of the pet, give the name you want on the pet (which can be the name of the pet or the name of your loved one) and they will create a replica of the pet, sewn with care and durable for playtime.pig and its replica

If you want to have a quality gift for the mantle or for the couch, these are the gifts to consider. While they are washable, you might want to sponge the stuffed animal down if it gets dirty to avoid damaging the animal in the washer or dryer.

There is nothing more special than a gift made just for you, and personalized stuffed animals are one gift your loved ones will never forget. They are affordable for just about anyone and make an excellent one-of-a kind sentiment for any occasion.